Will Maria leave Holby with Sam?

It is Christmas Eve and Maria is still upset at finding out that Kieron is Sam’s son. She is stuck in a rut so she goes to visit a clairvoyant, who tells Maria that her future is in her own hands…

Maria receives a visit from the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, and is taken on a whirlwind adventure as she realises how her choices could affect not only her own happiness, but also the happiness of others. Tragedy will strike if she makes the wrong decision.

When brought back to reality, a disorientated Maria feels like a changed person. She reconciles her friendship with Donna and rushes out to the Christmas Party to speak to Sam and Kieron. She realises she needs to let Sam and Kieron go. It is for the best for all of them. Kieron and Sam leave for New York to start a new life together as father and son.