Will Maria reveal her secret?

Liam sees Audrey and he lets her know that Maria is at her house. Liam rushes round to see Maria but she refuses to speak to him. Audrey agrees to let Maria stay but is stunned when she sorts out Maria’s overnight bag and finds some very disturbing things inside – prints of a baby’s feet.

Audrey is ambushed by Gail and Bill who demand to know what is going on with Ted Page. Audrey is stumped and splutters out an explanation that she was going to tell them both about Ted but wanted to take her time.

Ashley returns from work to find Claire in a state of panic, cutting up their bank and credit cards. Claire explains that someone has cleared out their accounts and she can’t get to see the bank until tomorrow. She is stunned when Ashley is shame-faced and reveals that he has used all the money to shore up the failing butchery. Ashley promises her that they will work it out and Claire vows to support him.

Also, Liz is relaxed with Vernon out of the way. Harry helps out behind the bar and invites Liz to the opening of a new bookies.