Will Maria sleep with Aidan?

Maria rejects Aidan's advances, but after a fight with Kate she needs a shoulder to cry on and heads around to see him in Corrie

When Maria’s admits that she can’t stop thinking about Aidan, he kisses her passionately. Aidan invites her to a hotel and she’s thrilled until he says he won’t finish with Eva. Hurt, Maria orders him to leave. But will she cave when things continue to get on top of her?

Mary returns from the hospital and announces she’s been given the all clear. Dev, Erica and Norris are delighted, but Mary remains downbeat. When Mary leaves a ring binder on the table, Erica takes a peek…

When Adam checks out Maria, Tracy warns him she’s a bunny boiler. Meanwhile, Daniel admits he’s behind with his rent and his landlord is kicking him out. Will Ken and Peter help him move?

Cathy’s concerned to notice Roy has a rash on his neck. Roy does his best to play it down as a familiar face arrives at the cafe. Rana invites Alya to meet her for a coffee.