Marilyn is trying to get a decision out of Sid about adopting Nicole’s baby. He’s still in two minds and doesn’t want to give a final answer. Marilyn arranges a meeting with Nicole so that Sid can put his mind at ease. But as the questions progress, things become more heated and Nicole realises there is lots she hadn’t considered. Marilyn becomes concerned that Sid will change Nicole’s mind, and if that happens, she’ll never forgive him.

Gina comes to talk to Bianca about April leaving school early. Bianca is concerned at the news and tries to find out what is causing this behaviour from April. April, however is reluctant to open up to Gina or her sister. Then Xavier inadvertently reveals to Bianca that April saw her father while she was overseas. Bianca is concerned that April kept that from her and she confronts April.

Indi asks Romeo to help Ruby with her algebra and he’s happy to do it, until he comes across a very upset Nicole on the beach. Indi and Ruby discuss Romeo and Indi becomes aware that she and Romeo are living two separate lives. She talks to Romeo about things and though they make up, both are aware of the widening gulf between them.

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