Will Marilyn and John elope?

John and Marilyn’s elopement becomes a full-blown wedding, as the whole of Summer Bay asks to tag along. As John and Marilyn manage to get their guests on the bus, they tell them all to get off and cancel their elopement. The couple decides they will plan a more intimate wedding. 

Sophie suggests that Matt and Sasha make a short film capturing their last days at school. As the pair film footage on the camera and Matt’s phone, he is convinced Leah and Zac are a couple. So when he stays behind to film some extra footage, his suspicions are confirmed when he films them kissing.

When Sophie notices a disorientated Oscar, he confesses he took the sleeping pills after feeling overwhelmed by recent events. Sophie takes Oscar to hospital and Nate apologises for accusing his wife. Later, Sophie admits she had stolen tablets from his medical bag last week, but says she didn’t take any. Nate admits he is attracted to Hannah, but assures nothing has happened between them.