Will Marilyn wake from her coma?

Leah and Roo find a lifeless Marilyn on the floor and, after calling for an ambulance, they tell John. At the hospital, the doctors are unable to provide them any information until the test results are back. While waiting for news on Marilyn’s condition, John receives a phone call saying that he and Marilyn have been accepted as foster parents. John is reduced to tears as he tells an unconscious Marilyn the happy news.

Hunter finds nothing valuable in the stolen safe from The Diner. Later, he realises he’s out of control when he finds out that Marilyn’s life is hanging in the balance. Hunter suggests he turns himself into the police station, but Charlotte disagrees and demands he leaves Summer Bay for good.

Josh’s college application reveals he’s still deeply in love with Evelyn and he’s hoping that the revelation will somehow rekindle their relationship. But when Evelyn notices new guy, Tank, on the beach, Josh may have some competition…