Will Marina become the next Harrison?

Marina’s lost her patience with Heston’s snoring and doesn’t know how she’ll get through her day. Keen to make amends, Heston cooks an English breakfast, which pleases Marina until she sees he’s made tea instead of coffee. She jumps up in a rage, inadvertently showering Heston with boiling water from her cup. Heston’s in pain but insists it was an accident, not an act of violence.

Later at The Mill, Marina asks Elaine if she could speak to her in a counselling capacity and Elaine says she’s free this afternoon. Frightened, Marina backs off, but when she sees Heston’s kindness with a patient she tells Elaine she will see her after all. Later, Marina confesses she has a problem with her temper but then backtracks, using only minor examples from work.

Elaine says it all seems quite normal but later Marina sees a large picture of Harrison with the headline ‘Inside the Mind of A Murderer’ in the newspaper. She asks Elaine what she thinks was going through his mind when he killed Lauren but Elaine doesn’t want to talk about it and leaves the staffroom. Marina is left fearing she could be the next Harrison.

Zara’s had enough of staying in hospital and wants to go home but Daniel insists they must make sure Joe’s breathing is OK first. Later, the consultant gives permission to leave but, back at home, Zara keeps snapping at Daniel – the temperature’s wrong and so is the wallpaper in the nursery! Later, Zara manages to relax and the three of them sit on the sofa, united as a family.

Also, when Rob’s attempts to track down a conman are thwarted by an unlikely accomplice, events take a rather dark turn.