Will Mark ever get over Paige?

It seems Mark is still hurt...

Elly pulls away from kissing Mark. While Elly has feelings for him, she refuses to be his rebound girl. Mark apologises and explains she’s more than that, but Elly decides to leave. Later, Elly bumps into Paige and explains what happened. She has no interest in being second best to Mark. Later, Paige tries to talk to Mark but he explains that he feels so much pain seeing her happy with Jack. Upset, Paige tells Jack that maybe they should leave Ramsay Street and start afresh. Will Jack agree?

Meanwhile, Terese is going through her presentation for the London meeting, but Paul tells her there’s no need. Leo has gone to London to represent Lassiters. Terese is fuming, but Paul argues she’s not been herself of late. He also tells her he wants to see the video and, knowing it’s not up to standard, Terese feels anxious. Will Piper use her video skills to help her mum?

Also, rehearsals start for Dipi’s Flapper musical. Shelia is ready to audition and is trying her best to learn her lines – but is struggling. Is something wrong?