Will Mark tell Kate the truth?

Following their evening of passion, Kate can tell something is troubling Mark, but he plays it down. However, she’s a bit confused when she wakes up and he’s not there. Things take a sinister turn when Mark receives a hand-written note, asking if he had a good night with Kate – he knows they’re being watched.

Worried, when she eventually finds Mark, she demands to know what’s going on. Not able to tell her the truth, he tells her their relationship can’t go anywhere and they’re just friends. Having spent the night with him, she’s furious. Told he has an hour and a half til he leaves, Mark heads over to Kate’s to tell her what’s really going on and asks her to go with him.

Summer is preparing for her internship at the paper and Andrew worries that she’s getting her hopes up as to what she’ll be asked to do. And it seems Andrew’s right; when Summer arrives, full of ideas, she’s handed a coffee order from Paul.

Sonya’s anxious when the mother of Callum’s friend wants to meet her and Toadie ahead of her son staying over. Over coffee, she assumes Sonya and Toadie are married, and Toadie’s confused when Sonya doesn’t put her straight.

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