Will Martha and Hugo admit their feelings?

When Martha moves out, Xavier asks Hugo what’s going on. Martha lies to Hugo, telling him she doesn’t share his feelings. Hugo is disappointed and, from his response, Ruby and Xavier figure out that Hugo is in love with Martha.

Rachel’s concerned about Tony spending time with Angelo. Tony invites Angelo for a jog, missing Rachel’s ultrasound. She confronts Tony and he apologises, but reveals he’s going fishing with Angelo. What Rachel doesn’t know is that Tony is spending time at Jack’s grave, still pained by his loss. What does he have in mind for Angelo?

Charlie questions Gardy about the recent robberies and Gardy gives Roman as his alibi. Miles talks to Roman, who eventually confesses that he’s trapped by Gardy. Miles encourages Roman to go to the police but Roman says Gardy’s too dangerous. Gardy suspects Roman has confessed to Miles, and tells Miles to keep quiet or he’ll hurt Kirsty, Ollie and Jai. Gardy and his crew take Roman to do their next robbery.

Geoff returns and tells Claudia that he wants to support her and the baby but if she has an abortion they will break up. Claudia says she will keep the baby and she and Geoff agree to make a life together.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday June 29*

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