Will Martha finally leave Cam?

Aware that Lou has a soft spot for Martha, Cam ropes her in to attending their business lunch, with the future of the club hanging on securing Lou as an investor. However, at the lunch, Martha is shocked by Lou’s lecherous behaviour, but reluctantly tolerates him when Cam begs her not to make a scene.

Later, Martha lays into Cam for putting her in such a compromising position, and it starts to look like Martha will leave Cam and his seedy club for good. Fearing the worst, Cindy pleads for Martha to reconsider…

Worried that Jules will land himself in yet more strife, Drew enlists Peter and Dan’s help to track him down, explaining the emotional reasons why Jules has managed to land himself in so much trouble.

Recovering from nearly drowning, caring Lily helps Matilda feel better by insisting she doesn’t blame her for her current predicament. However, Lily’s mum Brenda is not so supportive towards Lily, and tells her she has no-one to blame but herself. Shocked by Brenda’s callous attitude, supportive Sally reassures Lily she will always have a home and family at Summer Bay House.

*Screened on RTE One, Monday July 23*