Jack wants to do whatever it takes to save Martha from cancer, but she can’t bear the thought of sacrificing the baby for herself. Much to Jack’s despair, Martha decides to have the baby. She’ll have whatever treatment won’t threaten it, but everything else will have to wait until after it’s born.

With Nicole’s questions about Elliot beginning to get on his nerves, Roman suggests Nicole spends her holidays with her mother. Nicole accepts and packs her bags, assuming Roman is bluffing and will ask her to stay. When he doesn’t, she’s hurt, and heads to the bus stop. Elliot drives past and offers her a lift which she accepts. But does he have an ulterior motive?

Having heard the news about Martha, Matilda arrives at Ric’s to offer her support. Overcome by emotion, they fall into a passionate embrace that soon leads to the bedroom. But the next morning, with things in perspective, Matilda realises she shouldn’t have spent the night. As Ric decides that life is too short not to try a long distance relationship, Matilda realises she cannot hold on to the past and decides she will head for a fresh start in Perth.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday September 11*