Will Martin leave for good?

Sonia is surprised to see Martin back in the Square. When he insists he’s just come back to collect his things before leaving for good, Sonia is stunned, telling him he’s being selfish by abandoning his daughter. In The Vic, Bex tries to change Martin’s mind about leaving. When Kush arrives, Martin snaps, telling everyone that he’s Arthur’s father.

Martin is in such a state that Ian wonders if leaving would be the best thing for him. Jane gently reminds Martin, however, that a bond can be stronger than blood. Still determined to leave, Martin says his goodbyes, ignoring Kush he begs him that he’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. Jumping in a cab, Martin has a change of heart however… Stacey is overjoyed when Martin walks in and hugs her.

Mick can’t get past blaming Nancy for Ollie’s accident, despite Shirley and Buster trying to talk him round. Mick covers his feelings to Linda, lying that he doesn’t think it’s anyone’s fault. Meanwhile, Ronnie kicks Phil out of the house, unable to cope with his behaviour. Phil asks Buster and Shirley for help…