Stacey takes Arthur to Kush and Shabnam’s in a bid to keep Arthur ‘safe’. When Stacey tells them that she needs to get to church for protection, claiming Martin was sent by the devil to hurt the baby, they’re horrified. After a call from Kush, Martin heads over, planning to speak to Stacey to make her realise she needs help. Shabnam tries to bring Stacey back to reality as they wait for Martin to arrive.

Trying to calm Stacey’s fears, Martin lets her put a smashed glass between them for protection. Encouraging Stacey to look him in the eye, Martin insists he’s just Martin and not a demon. In a lucid moment, Stacey asks if she’s ill, allowing Martin to encourage her to go to the hospital with him. Jean warns Martin that Arthur might not be able to stay with Stacey, but Martin insists he’ll deal with it.

In the Vic, Kat is angry when Belinda starts gossiping about Stacey. After throwing a drink over Belinda, Kat storms out. Realising she’s really upset her sister, Belinda follows and they have a heart-to-heart. When Kat tells Belinda about her ‘lost’ baby, Belinda remembers going with their mum on a trip to Ireland to visit a family with a little boy…