Nurse Mary-Claire returns to Holby this week and she soon realises that all is not well on AAU. A lot has happened between Raf and Harry since she’s been in Ireland, but she doesn’t know the full picture. Harry is certainly glad to have his old ally back – though he doesn’t tell her about his problems.

Mary-Claire can see something’s upsetting Harry, but she puts it down to him almost losing his job. Then, when Harry says he has Amy to thank for saving his career, Mary-Claire starts thinking Harry might have slept with Amy and could be her baby’s father!

Mary-Claire persuades Harry to talk to Amy, especially when she finds out Amy has left Raf! Mary-Claire also guesses Amy’s lying about the baby being Raf’s. When Harry confronts Amy, she admits she didn’t do an in vitro paternity test after all! But it won’t be until the baby’s born that Harry will really know if he’s the father…

Meanwhile, when an erratic Zosia ignores the wishes of a patient, Dominic and Arthur worry about their futures and a loyal Colette risks much more than her career.

Also, when Jac realises Elliot is working on a new project, she is quick to get Guy involved. A wary Elliot fears he could lose out to Jac all over again.