Will Mason agree to move in with Rhiannon?

Susan is unsure whether to accept Paul’s offer to keep the radio station afloat as it would also assist his election campaign. With Karl accusing Susan of succumbing to Paul’s vote-buying scheme and tensions running high in the house, Rhiannon decides it’s time to move out. She sets her sights on renting No 24 together with Mason. While Rhiannon fills out the application and garners a reference from Sheila, Mason hesitates to take on the responsibility of signing a lease and becoming a de facto father to Jackson.

Toadie and Sonya bid farewell to Callum, who is suddenly reluctant to go to China after hooking up with Josie at the dance. In between getting Callum packed and organised, Sonya tries to arrange support for Sleepless-in-erins, the struggling mother who follows her blog.

Sonya is outraged to discover there are no childcare spaces in Erinsborough and thereby stumbles on a much-needed platform for Karl’s campaign.

Josh is unable to convince Amber his failure to show up at the school dance was unintentional. A disappointed Amber questions whether their relationship will ever enjoy the level of commitment Josh gives his swimming career and the pair break up suddenly.