When widower Evelyn Berisford learns from businessman Frank Carter that her late husband and son-in-law, Alan, had helped him smuggle booze and cigarettes into the country illegally, she orders Alan to end all dealings with Carter. Carol Cassidy asks Pc Joe Mason to keep an eye on Evelyn, whose been rattled since Carter’s visit.

As Evelyn continues to receive threats from Carter who’s angry he’s been cut out of the deal, she confronts Alan who says that they would be destitute without the income. Things come to a head when the family dog is found dead and Carter runs Evelyn’s car off the road – and when Evelyn won’t talk, Mason’s sure she’s hiding something.

Mason realises he’ll have to wait for real proof of Carter’s guilt but when Evelyn’s grandson, Richard, goes missing, Mason’s certain that this will prompt her to come clean. Mason finds Alan with Richard at Carter’s but still has no proof they’re up to no good – will Evelyn own up about the deal while she still fears for her grandson?

Meanwhile, Polish visitor Tomasz Bukowski arrives at the Aidensfield Arms hoping to find an old friend he lost touch with after the war. And Dawn’s delighted when he agrees to take over temporarily as the pub’s resident pianist.