Will Mason lose Kate?

After being bailed out, Mason is unable to contact Kate as Paul has taken her to live at Lassiters Hotel. Meanwhile, Amber tells Kate that Mason only agreed to the robbery to save her from Robbo. Later, Bailey tells Matt that part of him is glad that the truth has now been told. When Mason comes to visit Kate at the hotel she falls back into Mason’s arms and they end up making love for the first time.

After being pimped out by Paul, Rhiannon demands he pay her. Later, when Jackson calls the house phone, Chris and Sheila are surprised that Rhiannon doesn’t want to talk to him. Sheila discovers that Rhiannon believes she’s a useless mother. With the help of a Sheila, Rhiannon decides she’s going back to Mt. Isa to be a better mother but first she needs to get back at Paul…