Will Masood kill Yusef?

Phil drives Yusef and Masood to a warehouse, where Yusef tries to make a run for it, but he’s cornered and tied up. Masood taunts Yusef with a fake can of petrol. Yusef tries to convince Masood that nothing happened between him and Zainab. Masood doesn’t believe him and asks about the fire in Pakistan, but Yusef insists he tried to save Zainab. Masood continues to goad Yusef, who breaks down sobbing. Masood lets Yusef go. Masood goes to see Zainab, but Masood is stunned when Yusef suddenly appears looking badly beaten up. Zainab orders Masood to leave, while Yusef comforts her and Afia, but not before revealing a sly smile.

Mercy tells Lauren that she believes Fatboy married her because he felt guilty about Ashley. Lauren is convinced that Mercy is in love with him and tells her so. At the Vic, Fatboy apologises to Mercy for his dad’s actions, and when Ashley appears, Mercy tells him that she is now Fatboy’s wife.

Ricky prepares to meet someone about the job in Dubai. The meeting goes well and he may have to go the following week, but will his family agree to him leaving to work abroad?

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