Masood confesses to AJ that Ayesha has asked him to move away with her. When Masood tells Ayesha he’s unsure, she insists if he wants her as much as she wants him, he’ll leave with her this evening. Masood packs a bag and heads out to meet Ayesha at the station. Ayesha is heartbroken, however, when Masood has a change of heart saying he can’t leaves his family. Ayesha leaves alone.

When Jack listens to an answer phone message from Sharon’s solicitor advising her to bring her passport to sign the club partnership deal, he hides her passport. Meanwhile, Phil promises Sharon that there are no strings attached to the offer. Jack’s forced to confess he took Sharon’s missing passport when she confronts him. When Jack insists it’s over if she signs the agreement, Sharon says he can have his wish and walks out.

Denise arranges for Kim to look after Patrick while she goes to Ian’s birthday party at the Vic. Kim turns up, saying that Patrick needs Denise back at home. When they return, they find a drunk Patrick in the kitchen. Denise is horrified when he lashes out after she demands he sit down, leaving her with a cut face.