Nancy is disappointed when she learns that Tamwar won’t be joining her for a few weeks. Determined to make a go of things alone, Nancy asks Martin to sell some of her stuff on his stall. Concerned to learn that Nancy will be travelling on her own, Mick confronts Nancy, who insists she’ll be fine. After a tearful goodbye to Ollie, Nancy has a heart to heart with Mick.

Meanwhile, Carmel and Masood clear the air. Feeling better, Masood insists to Tamwar he’ll be fine and encourages him to go travelling with Nancy. As Nancy and Tamwar celebrate, Masood turns up with three round-the-world plane tickets… For Nancy, Tamwar, and himself!

Phil orders Jay to keep an eye on Louise, but she soon takes advantage of the situation, sneaking away to steal a bottle of wine from the Minute Mart. Caught by Denise, Louise is picked up by Phil. Concerned that Phil won’t punish his daughter, Denise calls the police.

Also, Sharon’s finalised divorce becomes public knowledge after Ronnie tells Kathy during a practice for the darts tournament.