Will Matt bare all at Lauren’s art class?

Matt’s feeling guilty about neglecting Lauren. So when he hears the model has pulled out of her art class, he offers to take their place. He quickly discovers that he’d be modelling in the nude – but is surprised when everyone assumes he’s too straight-laced to go through with it. Bailey does his best to talk his dad out of it but Matt fronts up to the class wearing just a towel, only to discover that Lou has organised a crowd of new students. All eyes are on Matt as he goes to drop the towel…

Josie’s full of praise for Callum’s addictive app, ‘Super Cool Chick’ assuming its based on her. But when Callum admits it’s not, Josie is upset – telling him that she was going to say she loved him but has changed her mind. Callum professes his love to Josie – but she can’t bring herself to believe him, and they’re both left wondering if they have a future together.

Chris is hurt after being dumped by Hudson. But his upset turns to anger when he learns Georgia went to visit Hudson without telling him, inadvertently causing Hudson to suspect Chris was being unfaithful.

Georgia explains she wasn’t trying to interfere. Softening, Chris agrees to visit Hudson and after a heartfelt, open talk, Chris and Hudson make their split final. Will hears about the break-up and goes to see Chris, but Chris sends him packing.