Will Matt be charged with Charlotte’s murder?

Alf and Leah race to the police station when Maddy tells them that Matt has been called in for questioning. She then explains about Matt’s sex tape, prompting Alf to call Morag. Inside the interview room, Dylan taunts Matt about his ATM robbery and troubled family past but eventually Dylan and Kat are forced to let Matt go.

Andy and Matt discuss how Matt threatened Charlotte with racy pictures and Kat overhears the conversation. The policewoman wastes no time in bringing Matt in for questioning again, but once again he’s released without charge.

Kat’s desperate to put things right with Leah and, when she sees Leah on the beach, she approaches her in a bid to save their friendship. Is Leah ready to forget the past and forgive Kat?

When Kyle is closing up Angelo’s, Harry approaches him, desperate for news on Isla and his daughters. Later, Kat tells Kyle to stop looking for Isla, who eventually picks up her phone, but refuses to reveal where she is. So Kyle uses a location app to track her down and is stunned when he finds her leaving a brothel.