Will Matt be driven out of Summer Bay?

Leah is trying to find the perfect moment to tell VJ about her relationship with Zac. When Matt sees Leah and Zac on a date, he makes a comment that sets alarm bells ringing. So Leah asks that he keeps the news quiet until she tells VJ.

Later, Matt suggests to Sasha that the footage of Zac and Leah kissing should be in the final edit of the end of school film. The entire school including Leah, Zac and VJ gather to watch the film to see Leah and Zac kissing. VJ storms out and Matt regrets his actions, but Leah is hurt he could do such a thing. Matt packs his bags and leaves.

Shandi takes back her offer for Chris to be her plus-one at the wedding, as she now has time to find a proper date. Chris hides his disappointment and tells Irene he’s determined to be Shandi’s date. When Irene and Roo see Shandi, they tell her to stop playing games. When Shandi and Chris meet on the pier, they dance and she asks him to be her date.