Will Matt choose Sasha or Gary?

Matt demands an explanation after learning that his dad has lied to the police. Gray insists he just wanted to spend time with his children and wants help to get better. When Sasha recommends he goes back to rehab he lashes out. Matt races after her to apologise, but she give him an ultimatum – her or Gray.

Evelyn tells Denny she’s nervous things are moving too fast with Josh but Denny tells her to be honest. Phoebe also advises a downtrodden Josh to talk to Evelyn. They arrange to meet and Evelyn admits she thinks they wont work out. Josh pleads with her and, after revealing a super romantic picnic, the pair kiss.

John goes against Denny’s advice about seeking the distributor’s permission to screen the film at his movie night. Preparing to earn a lorry load of cash, John does his best to put Phoebe and Kyle off their open mic night. Seeing through his plan, Phoebe makes it clear the open mic night will go ahead even if she’s the only performer.