Hearing of Matt’s violent outburst, Lauren suggests selling the house and Matt is forced to agree. Bailey tries to convince them to look at other options to raise money as Matt considers a risky solution. 

Paige invites Imogen and Tyler to an impromptu pool party. Tyler asks Imogen about her career ambitions and opens up about family pressures of his own. Just as the pair bond, Tyler’s called into work for Dimato and is floored when he discovers it’s on Imogen’s car.

Brennan is still in the bad books with Naomi and seeks advice from Chris and Nate, who play with him, suggesting he get her some natural objects, from the bush. Determined to prove himself to Naomi, Brennan goes into the bush, only to be stung by bees but praised by Naomi.

Susan and Sheila discuss their judging criteria for the upcoming Erinsborough Festival Bake-Off and it’s clear they have opposing views and end up insulting each other. Naomi’s left with no judges and two very competitive contestants – both vying for the prize of a return trip to London.