As Brad waits for the ambulance, Matt manages to tell him to look after Lauren before losing unconsciousness. Georgia tells them Matt has come through surgery and Lauren tells him how much he means to her before Matt’s alarms start going off. More waiting, broken this time by Georgia with terrible news: Matt has died.

Chris welcomes back pregnant Lucy, who is overjoyed to have just received test results confirming the baby has not inherited the gene for spinal muscular atrophy. Chris confesses to Nate that he wants to be more involved with the baby, and cautiously suggests they could spend three months in Australia and three months in New York. But Nate’s having none of it.

When Brad describes the car that hit Matt, Paige recognises it as the one Tyler planned to steal, and accusing him of hitting Matt. Paige marches down to the police station when Danni turns up, confessing that she hit Matt. She explains that she was texting Toadie at the time of the accident, but panicked and drove off.