Tanya lies motionless at the bottom of the stairs and Max rushes to her side, terrified that she is dead. A horrified Abi and Lauren look on and Max urges them to call an ambulance. Tanya stirs. She has a cut to her head but she struggles up and she tells them to cancel the ambulance, she’s bruised, but fine.

Meanwhile, a devastated Stacey faces her fears and goes to see Bradley. The young couple have a big heart-to-heart but Bradley is torn up with bitterness and rage and he goes back over all the overheard conversations and clues that should have warned him of Stacey and Max’s affair.

Bradley tells Stacey that he knows she’ll never look at him with the kind of passion and love that she showed towards Max on the DVD. Stacey begs Bradley to forgive her and insists that she loves him and always will. Meanwhile, Tanya works out the full story of Max’s affair and she tells him it’s over – she wants him to leave.

Max and Stacey head out into the Square alone, with no one to turn to and nowhere to go…

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