Will Max and Steph admit their feelings?

OB urges Max to tell Steph how he feels. Meanwhile, Tom is delighted to learn someone has sponsored an elephant for him at the safari park and convinces Max to take him along. But when OB finds out Steph was behind the elephant sponsorship, he tells her that if she really likes Max, she needs to tell him how she feels. Will they ever get it together?

When a smitten Rhys meets Beth for their date, it’s clear they’re both falling for each other. Rhys isn’t used to being so nervous around girls but it seems Beth is the perfect woman for him.

Jacqui’s birthday arrives, but all she can think about is the impending visit from the adoption officer. Tony tries to persuade her to relax but it’s clear he’s nervous too. Despite Jacqui doing her best to impress the officer, Tony secretly worries that Jacqui’s chequered past may come back to haunt her. But Jacqui is convinced she’d make a brilliant mum.

Carmel tries to ignore her feelings for Russ by keeping herself busy helping Dom make a birthday cake. But things go wrong when Dom accidentally touches Carmel inappropriately.