Frankie reassures Steph she has done the right thing by postponing the wedding, but makes her feel guilty when she implies she’s being selfish. Mandy lays into Steph for putting schoolgirl fantasies ahead of wedding practicalities, warning her she may lose Max altogether if she doesn’t go for it.

OB returns to Hollyoaks for the stag do but finds Max upset the wedding has again been put on hold. OB is furious at Steph for messing Max about and demands he pulls himself together. OB reveals he and Summer want to tie the knot in New York, where they plan to move and asks Max and Tom to come with them.

As it dawns on Max that no wedding will ever be good enough for Steph, he decides to throw caution to the wind. Just as their taxi is pulling away to the travel agent, Steph jumps in front of them, declaring her desperation to marry Max regardless. But has OB already convinced Max to leave Hollyoaks?

Justin starts his new job as a debt collector but gets off to a bad start as Myra McQueen disposes of him with all the tact of a seasoned professional.

Also, Myra entrusts Kieron with helping find her lost son.

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