Max is back in court waiting to hear the verdict. Although those in the know are desperate to do everything to get Max freed – even if it means breaking the law – everything is not as it seems. Lauren’s at breaking point, not sure whether to speak up for Max or stick to the agreed plan. As the pressure builds, Max makes a rash decision that could affect everything.

As the gossip spreads around Albert Square, Stacey pays a visit to Max to see whether what she heard in court was true. Meanwhile, Carol makes a decision over her future, declining Robbie’s offer to move to Milton Keynes with him. Wanting to support Robbie, Sonia has some encouraging words for her brother.

Phil is desperate to get his marriage back on track on the day of his and Sharon’s anniversary. Going to great lengths to get what he wants, Phil makes a deal with Jane. When Jane can’t talk Sharon into giving Phil another chance, she takes a risk, letting Sharon know what’s going on.

Also, it’s been a year since Linda’s attack and Mick struggles to see Dean. Wanting to be with Linda, Mick prepares to leave for Spain but Linda returns home early.