Will Max reveal Callum’s secret?

David tries to coax David into telling him why he’s suddenly so scared of Callum, but he refuses to talk. Later Max asks Kylie if Jason is going to die, then breaks down and tells her that he saw Callum kicking Jason in the ginnel.

Roy makes Carla see that her problems will follow her wherever she runs to. Knowing he’s right, Carla announces to Nick, Aidan, Sally and Alya that she’s staying put in Weatherfield and will no longer be selling. But when Aidan tells Carla he reckons him and her can still do a deal, she considers going into business with him. 

Fiz and Tyrone return from the hospital and tell Beth, Kirk and Sinead that Hope is suffering from anaemia. When Craig tells Caitlin she should follow her dreams, Caitlin kisses him. But when Dougie finds them snogging under a tree he’s furious.

Also, Tony feels he’s to blame for failing to protect Jason and tells Sarah that he wants to kill the lowlife who put Jason in hospital.