Max rushes back to the house and runs up to the bathroom to get to Tanya. Max kicks in the door when Tanya doesn’t respond and finds her slumped on the floor surrounded by pills. Tanya insists she hasn’t taken the pills, but Max makes her throw up any way.

Max realises that Tanya sent him away just after she found out about her illness. Tanya confesses to Max that she didn’t tell him about her cancer as she didn’t want him to stay with her out of pity. Max insists he loves her and would have wanted to be there for her. Cora and Tanya have a heart-to-heart about Tanya’s dad and Cora tries to soothe Tanya’s guilt. Max lays his heart on the line and tells Tanya he loves her and he’s staying.

Derek is irritated when it’s clear Max isn’t keen on leaving the Square with him. He tries to convince him that he doesn’t owe Tanya anything, but Max insists he’s staying. Derek sees Rainie and makes a remark about the one-night-stand they had at Tanya’s wedding. Rainie is uncomfortable and tries to play it down.