Still undercover, DS Max Carter learns that the ship carrying drugs for Dave Monks has docked. Max and Dave’s son, Pete, have been told to drive a ‘special delivery’ out of the ship but Max is frustrated when he discovers that it is just a dummy run.

Back at the station, DCI Jack Meadows decides that the best way to get to Dave is through his family. Jack visits Dave’s daughter, Chloe, who agrees to help and calls her father to tell him she will never see him again. Devastated, Dave storms into his bar and demands to know from PC Beth Green, also working undercover, where Chloe is. Sensing that Beth is covering for her, he slaps her hard across the face before Max intervenes.

Max, steadily gaining Dave’s trust, persuades him that the police are onto them and that they need to move the drugs as soon as they can. They begin to offload the shipment, all the time being discreetly watched by Jack and Intelligence Officer, Karen Lacy.

Suddenly Pete pulls out a gun and holds it to Max’s head. Desperate to gain his father’s respect, Pete tells Dave he has worked out Max is undercover and is willing to kill him.

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