Will Maxine be found guilty?

As Maxine awaits the fate of her trial, she hopes she’s said enough to be found not guilty. Maxine weeps with joy when the court decides she’s innocent and is delighted when Nancy comes to pick her up with Minnie in the back of the car.

When Dodger pleads with Theresa to help Nico by donating one of her kidneys, Theresa decides to go through with the operation for him. It’s a success, but Sienna burns with fury when Dodger wants to be by Theresa’s side instead of hers. Later, as Dodger sits by Theresa’s bed, she goes into respiratory arrest!

Meanwhile, John Paul visit Ste in rehab and it’s awkward when Porsche tells John Paul that Lockie’s moving into the McQueen house. Will Lockie and John Paul be able to resist temptation?

And, when Nancy wakes to find a half-empty packet of painkillers beside her, has she made the biggest mistake of her life?