Nancy visits Maxine in prison. She believes her friend didn’t try to kill Patrick and appeals to the man himself to drop the charges. Patrick also goes to see Maxine and offers to change his statement if she’ll give him a second chance. Will Maxine sell her soul for freedom?

Theresa is going out of her mind trying to find Kathleen-Angel and, when she spots Sonny with her, she rescues the child as he speeds away in his car. Meanwhile, a bedraggled, dirty Carmel goes into a police station for help. Later, Carmel’s reunited with her ecstatic family – but is everything as it seems?

Rick and Robbie are concerned when a frail Jason collapses in their arms. Dr S’avage tries to warn Jason about the effects of not taking his insulin – but will he listen?

Also, Grace tries to cover her tracks but can’t help breaking hearts.