Will Max’s attacker be revealed?

Tanya and Lauren are questioned about Max‘s hit-and-run and Tanya is worried when DS Grimwood talks to Lauren and tells Grimwood to finish the interview another time. Later, Lauren goes AWOL and Tanya is concerned to find her talking to Grimwood. Tanya makes a decision and goes to the police to confess that she was driving the car that ran down Max…

Phil nominates Suzy to help Ben make a cake for school. Ben is upset when Suzy can’t be bothered to help out and gives him money to get a shop-bought one. Ben sneaks out to see Heather and Shirley and Heather convinces Shirley to help Ben bake his cake. Meanwhile, Phil moves in with Suzy, but is later horrified to find they’ve been burgled.

Masood strikes a deal with Jackie, the boss of the construction site, to provide the workers with meals and has to fend off Jackie’s flirtations. Tamwar doesn’t think Masood’s business idea will bring in enough money and suggests they buy the Minute Mart instead, but Masood is defiant.

Also, Ian sends a talent scout packing when he’s rude about Jane; and Jane’s mum Linda turns up on the Beales’ doorstep with her suitcases.

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