Will Megan be jilted by Jai?

*Second episode*

As Jai tries to take in the news that he’s supposed to be getting married to Megan, he has even more to digest when Leyla confesses that she’s still in love with him! Although Jai tells Leyla to leave, it’s not long before the pair are kissing! Will he ditch Megan for Leyla? Or will the wedding still go ahead?

After Katie discovers what’s wrong with Belle, she insists on telling Zak and Lisa, but the teenager has other idea and locks herself in Katie’s car. When Belle’s mum and dad arrive, they are shocked to discover what Katie has witnessed. As a distressed Belle revs the engine, Zak realises what is going on and bravely stands firm in front of the car. Belle’s ready to release the handbrake as Zak urges her to see sense – is she about to run over her dad?

Ali is floored when Megan unwittingly lets slip that Rachel hasn’t been touch and admits that she was the one who sent presents for Archie. And Pete tells James about something from the past that changed the fate of the Bartons forever…