Will Megan confess her fight with Charity to Declan?

After her row with Charity, Megan’s terrified Declan will find out she may have caused the miscarriage. When she sees her brother, Megan is nervous and wonders if he knows what’s occurred. But he just tells her that he needs her to be there for him while he tries to get his head round losing the baby. Unable to take the pressure of hiding the truth from Declan, Megan makes two life-changing decisions, but what is she planning?

Finn panics when Simon arrives and tries to come clean about his true identity but he can’t bring himself to do it so he has to play the part of hot-shot businessman Declan when an angry builder arrives and demands some money that he’s owed. To save face, Finn tells the builder that he will transfer the money immediately but what’s he going to do when he needs passwords to log into the firm’s online banking?

Donna knows Ross handles stolen cars at the garage so she use this to her own advantage as she tries to prove to him that she’s a crooked cop. But she gives him a list of stolen cars that he should avoid because they are being tracked by the police, Ross smells a rat and suspects it’s another attempt to set him up. How can she get Ross to trust her?