After fleeing from the meeting, Melody tells Geoff she hates her mum and never wants to return home. Furious Christine arrives to take her home, but is later enraged to catch her daughter speaking to Geoff on the phone. She tells Melody she is enrolling her in the local Catholic girl’s school, and she can’t have any further contact with Geoff.

Colleen lays into Morag for the way she’s been treating her, accusing her of being a bully. After mulling things over, Morag calls Alf, telling him she wants the whole family to come together that night.

Unimpressed with Jazz’s attempts to blackmail him, Bartlett sacks her. Miles is disgusted to hear what Jazz has been up to and doesn’t want to speak to her. Jazz visits him and tells him she did what she did for him and doesn’t appreciate the way he made her feel. She thinks she made a mistake getting together with him in the first place and it’s over between them.

Belle is upset when the Coastal News publishes an article about the students’ reading of Spring Awakening at The Den. It states the kids walked out too traumatised to hear any more, when in truth they left because it was boring. Belle and Leah set out to convince Gavin.

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