Will Melody go to the school formal?

It’s the day of the school formal and Melody is still hoping that Miles will let her go to the event with Geoff. But Miles is sticking to his guns, she’s still grounded, leaving Geoff dateless. Once the formal is in full swing, Nicole is pleased to discover that Melody couldn’t make it while Geoff is elated to hear that Nicole’s date stood her up. But will Melody defy Miles and go to the formal anyway?

As Irene considers her decision not to give Kane’s letter to Kirsty, Kane sees Miles and Kirsty kissing, all the while thinking that Kirsty has received his letter. Finally, Irene asks Melody to make sure Kirsty receives the letter – but it soon gets lost and it looks doubtful that Kirsty will ever get it. As Miles and Kirsty prepare for the formal, Kirsty tells Miles she loves him. They are about to leave when Kane shows up…

When Alf asks Bridget to move in with him, Bridget is non-committal and Alf tells her to think about it. Rachel’s suspicions of Bridget are growing, especially after she questioned Bridget about the supposed birthday surprise for Leah, and a friendly chat turns into an aggressive altercation. When Rachel calls Bridget’s doctor in the city she discovers that Bridget isn’t seeing that doctor at all and never has.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday January 30*

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