Grace has her plea hearing and is confident she’ll walk free. However, Freddie and Mercedes are determined to stop that happening. One of Grace’s associates, Stan, arrives at the club and tells Freddie how unhappy he is with Grace in charge. Freddie takes this perfect opportunity, but Mercedes is increasingly wary of being involved.

Nico continues to watch Dodger from afar. She tells him that she grew up in a kid’s home and has been sleeping rough and asks whether she can stay with him. At the boat, Nico looks at a photo of Dodger and Sienna and says ‘hello mum’.

Meanwhile, Jason hurls rocks through the boat windows – he heads inside to do more damage but finds an unconscious Nico on the floor. As he calls 999, Dodger arrives but when they go inside the boat Nico has gone.

Also, Lindsey is staying with Mercedes, while Joe is in turmoil after their break up. Ziggy wants them to get back together but Lindsey is fed up of him trying.