Tony admits to Jacqui he’s concerned about Mercedes’ decision to have a baby for them. But Jacqui is determined and gets her family to try to convince Mercedes. However, the family worry when Mercedes goes missing and Tony suspects the worst when he sees a business card for an abortion clinic. Can Jacqui and Tony stop her?

Jessica is reluctant when Kris suggests interviewing Darren and Zoe as part of her video assignment. To please Zoe, Darren agrees to be interviewed. Later, Kris is suspicious when Jess says that Darren isn’t good enough for Zoe and launches into a bitter critique of him. Later, Kris realises the truth when he finds damning evidence that suggests Jess has been cheating with her best friend’s boyfriend.

Nancy ignores Jake when he points out that her clothes might not be suitable for school, but Nancy argues that teachers are allowed to have identities. Later, things go badly at school when Newt and Lauren confront Nancy about rumours they’ve heard about Becca, and Nancy gets involved in an ugly scene.

Also, Malachy competes with Justin and Danny for the contract to refurbish Evissa. Justin works hard to impress Warren who cruelly turns him down in favour of Malachy.