Will Mercedes marry a murderer?

It’s the day of the wedding for Mercedes and Browning. Myra confronts her future son-in-law but, with Jim’s help, Browning convinces her that it was Lindsey who made a pass at him. However, back at the McQueens, Joe tells the rest of them what happened. It all kicks off when Mercedes spots Lindsey in the village and launches herself at the newcomer.

Later, Browning pleads with his fiancé to forgive him, but what they don’t know is Myra is eavesdropping from the wardrobe. She’s horrified when talk turns to Lynsey’s murder and when Browning carries Mercedes away and into the wedding car, Myra realises the wardrobe door is locked, leaving her unable to save her daughter from marrying a murderer…

Sienna’s pleased when Darren asks her to go with him to see a consultant about getting cochlear implants for Oscar. At the hospital before Darren arrives, she introduces herself as ‘Mrs. Osborne’. Later, she and Darren agree that Oscar should have the implant, despite Nancy’s reservations. Back at home, Tom confronts Sienna about what she did, but she tells Darren that Tom’s been perving on her.

Patrick’s annoyed when Maxine asks him to come home for an emergency, only to find her dressed in sexy underwear and killer heels.