Jacqui catches Myra and Mercy researching miscarriages on the internet and is absolutely furious. She reminds Mercy of what she went through and Mercedes feels terrible, but she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Mercy seeks out Riley to tell him the truth but before she can speak he gives her a present that shows how happy he is, he’s planning to get a tattoo of the baby’s name and Mercy once again can’t reveal the truth.

Amy is released on bail but when Ste and Lee decide to take matters into their own hands, it’s clear Leanne isn’t going to let things lie.

Lynsey is dreading her first day at work and returns with a terrible hangover but her day gets better when she bumps into hunky new Doctor Matt. He tells Lynsey how he’s new in town and is looking for a place to stay and she suggests Cheryl’s spare room.

Also, the pressure rises for Ethan as the girls each bug him to be out in the open.

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