Will Michael admit how he feels about Emelia?

With Emilia failing to reciprocate his declaration of love, Lucas fears he’s rushed things again, but Sonya reassures him. Confused, Emilia seeks Michael out, unsure where they stand. However, after seeing Lucas’s obvious devotion to Emilia, Michael can’t betray his best friend and claims he doesn’t have feelings for her.

Resolving to leave Michael in the past, Emilia commits to Lucas by offering him a key to her house. However, when Lucas tries to contact Kate to arrange the same for Emilia, he discovers she’s apparently disappeared.

Trying to make things easier for Susan, Karl organises to bury Audrey in the backyard but, to his surprise, Susan doesn’t want her somewhere that’s no longer her home. Taking matters into her own hands, Susan tries to smuggle Audrey out before Karl returns but, through a mix-up, manages to lose Audrey instead.

With Karl’s help she tracks her down but Karl’s forced to go to great lengths to get her back. Grateful, Susan agrees to a compromise and, seeing the warmth between her and Karl, Summer mistakenly hopes this might bring them back together.

Fed up, Sonya convinces Toadie to ditch the beanbags and get her couch out of storage. Toadie’s pleasantly surprised to find it looks good, but Sonya realises the modern couch makes the rest of the room look dull, insisting a makeover is in order.