Will Michael open up to Tash?

Knowing she’s seen the photo of her mum, Michael comes home to find Tash waiting. She hands the photo to him asking why he told her they never went to the beach, when that’s where they are in the photo. However, cautious not to push him, Tash doesn’t ask too many questions. Despite Summer’s constant encouragement to find out more, Tash decides not to. But that doesn’t stop Summer doing her own investigating.

Lucas apologises to Chris, but his reaction is not what Lucas was hoping for. Knowing Andrew put him up to apologising, Chris lashes out, explaining that Lucas still hasn’t apologised for leaving him hanging while the customer bad-mouthed gay people. Later, when Chris’s dad starts mouthing off about his son to Lucas, Lucas stands up for Chris. Later, he catches up with Chris, apologising for not standing up for him to the customer, and asking him to come back to work.

When an enthusiastic Kyle presents Sonya with the signed petition, she struggles to hide her worry. Seeing her own signature on the petition, reminds her of how she feels about the development. Things get trickier when Kyle asks Sonya to be the spokesperson at the meeting about the development tomorrow, and he’s left confused when Sonya says she can’t, because she’s not against it.