Michael’s taken aback when Mandy Fairlock (Lucy Speed) returns to AAU after being badly injured in an arson attack on her home. Last week, Michael had Mandy’s young son Zach taken into protective custody, suspicious that his fractured ribs suggested he was being abused, and Mandy has since been targeted by outraged locals. As Michael tries to talk to Mandy, her condition worsens and she’s taken into theatre. When a fragment of bone is discovered, Michael diagnoses a mild form of Brittle Bone Disease and realises that son Zach may have it, too. Can Michael reunite mother and son?

Meanwhile, Serena finds herself professionally compromised when her mother is admitted to Holby. When she discovers that Adrienne will have to wait for her operation on the NHS, will she send her private? 

And Elliot’s career is threatened when a complaint is made against him.  Will Ollie help him, or is he still too angry with Elliot for not telling him he knew about Tara’s condition?