Will Michael put Jasmine before his patient?

Michael Spence tells Serena he needs to be at the airport at 3pm to pick up daughter Jasmine, who’s flying over from America a week early, but she refuses to give him the afternoon off just because he hasn’t organised his life properly. Serena says she’ll sort out Michael’s leave if he examines terminally ill Sebastian, a teenager with stomach pains caused by another tumour. Seb and his father agree to surgery that could prolong his life, but they want Michael to perform it that afternoon.

Keen to honour Seb’s wish, Michael tells Serena he’ll do it, certain he’ll finish in time to pick up Jasmine. Michael’s in theatre when Ric calls to say Jasmine’s already at the airport, so he gets a frosty welcome when she eventually turns up at Holby. She’s even more unimpressed when he leaves her to check on Seb, whose dad’s gone home after learning the tumour was inoperable. Michael can’t bear to leave the dying boy alone, but Seb says he should be with his own family. Can Michael be a proper dad to his little girl?

Meanwhile, as Sacha and Chrissie wait for the results of Daniel’s tests, Sacha doesn’t feel much like celebrating his birthday. Chrissie tries to maintain a brave face, but even if Daniel is a match, can she put her son through the procedure?

Also, Elliot’s concerned about Ollie’s behaviour, but Ollie insists he is fine. An unusual case from AAU forces Harry and Ollie to work together – will they crack the case?