Will Michael rescue his brothers?

Derek is furious that the police raided the stolen cable deal and accuses the Moon brothers of grassing on him. Derek tells the boys that he now wants double what they owed him before. Meanwhile, Michael decides to get out of Walford for a few days while things cool down, but he feels guilty about abandoning his brothers to Derek. Michael offers to let Derek beat him up in exchange for cancelling the debt. Derek enjoys sticking the boot in and afterwards reveals that Janine had already paid off the debt for him.

Heather is excited about announcing her engagement in the Vic, but her news is overshadowed by another row between Ben and the Mitchells over Phil’s imprisonment. Heather is about to speak out when Ian and Mandy turn up and announce their engagement. Shirley is delighted when Heather whispers the news to her and she announces it to the Square.

Whitney is worried about Amy as she’s been bullying the other kids at playgroup. Whitney witnesses a row between Jack and Roxy and wonders to them if their animosity is causing Amy’s bad behaviour. Roxy is furious with Whitney’s interference. In revenge she calls Whitney’s boss Sophie to make a complaint.